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      Capitalizing the integrated production approach with rich capacity from several production bases around China, NHU’s chemical business offers stable, reliable, high-quality and more competitive products to customers, bolstering their success.



      Construction chemicals

      Empower the sustainable development of construction industry

      NHU has always adhered to the philosophy of exploring chemistry, improving life. Through decades of constant innovation in construction admixtures and expansion of product range, NHU has made significant and continuous contributions to a weather-resistant, green and efficient construction industry, enhancing the environmental protection in modern cities. 

      Product recommendations:

      Corp Protection

      Protect our shared green home

      NHU is committed to the symbiosis of humanity and diverse species. Facing the rising demand on cash crops driven by the boost of global population, we have been discovering, exploring, and extending our production capacity of crop protection products next to our nutrition products. Together with downstream customers, we make a concerted effort in protecting our shared home.

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      Nourish the earth for stronger plants

      NHU is committed to increasing crop yields with lower greenhouse gas emissions. We prioritize the development of sustainable and intensive fertilizer solutions and see this as an effective way to avoid further deforestation and improve land management.

      Product recommendations:

      Industrial Solvent

      Secure stable production

      NHU offers stable and reliable solvent solutions for semi-conductor process and screen printing.

      Product recommendations:


      Enable innovation in downstream products

      NHU offers stable, reliable and competitive intermediates which are extensively applied in downstream products such as pharmaceuticals, plant protection, and coatings.

      Product recommendations:

      Contact Us If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

      Chemicals team

      Tel:+86 575 86296977

      Contact Us

      Contact Us

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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