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      NHU Introduces New Green Materials: Isophorone Diamine (IPDA) and Aliphatic Diisocyanate (ADI)


      Throughout the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, the Iron Age to the Digital Age, materials have remained the cornerstone driving the progress of human civilization. Every significant transformation finds its backbone in innovative materials. Confronting global challenges related to resources, energy, and climate, materials stand as pivotal players in addressing these pressing issues. 

      Rooted in societal needs, NHU forges a close connection between enterprise growth and societal wellfare. Breaking through technical barriers, we introduce novel environmentally friendly materials, such as isophorone diamine (IPDA) and aliphatic diisocyanate (ADI), bolstering the creation of new energy sources while offering a spectrum of material solutions to foster sustainable development!

      Since stepping into the realm of new materials in 2013, NHU initiated the groundwork for various new material products starting from PPS. Over time, we've successfully navigated a diverse array of scarce resources and gradually solidified the complete development of the industrial chain encompassing "IP-IPN-IPDA-IPDI", forming a robust foundation for IPDA product production and the evolution of the ADI series industrial chain. The robust resilience of this industrial chain ensures a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality products.

      Leveraging our strengths in this industrial chain, we've focused our efforts on its interconnectedness. Over the past decade, we've successfully developed isophorone diamine (IPDA), and isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI) and hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) within the aliphatic isocyanate (ADI) category, and established two distinguished brands, NHUAMINE? and NHUNATE?, developing the specialty amine and diisocyanate products of NHU respectively.

      Isophorone Diamine (IPDA) It serves as a fundamental material for new energy wind power generation equipment. Often employed as a curing agent for epoxy resin, it significantly enhances the strength and weather resilience of the pivotal component in wind turbine generators—the blade, so as to extend the lifespan of the blades, facilitating the ascent of "green power" through wind energy.

      Product Features: Low viscosity, high hardness, good color stability, and robust resistance to chemicals, water, and oil.

      Application Fields: It is widely used in high-end epoxy, composite materials and wind power industry.

      Application Scenarios: Wind turbine blades, epoxy flooring, sealant, and composite materials.

      Aliphatic diisocyanate (ADI) and its derivatives: Since the use of paints in the Stone Age, paint materials have undergone continuous evolution, transforming into highly specialized chemical products. However, isocyanate, a crucial ingredient in paints, contains toxic benzene rings, limiting its application. To address this issue, aliphatic diisocyanate (ADI) and its derivatives emerged. Not only do they lack benzene rings, but they also outperform traditional benzene ring isocyanates in mechanical properties, stability, and weather resistance, and exhibit non-yellowing traits and superior application performance. These attributes render them widely utilized in industrial and automotive polyurethane coatings. Presently, ADI and its derivatives experience a substantial surge in global market demand, indicating promising prospects.



      Basic Introduction: One of the basic raw materials for the production of polyurethane.

      Product Features: Improves the light aging performance of produced products, offering the benefit of a non-yellowing attribute.

      Application Fields: Leather, inks, adhesives, 3D printing, high-end coatings, and wind turbine blades.



      Basic Introduction: A widely used aliphatic isocyanate in the polyurethane industry.

      Product Features: Polyurethane coatings made from this material are resistant to oil and abrasion, and boast qualities such as non-yellowing, color retention, light retention, anti-chalking, and resistance to outdoor sunlight.

      Application Fields: Mainly used in the production of polyurethane coatings, elastomers, adhesives, textile finishing agents and so on.

      Application Scenarios: Paint, aviation, textile, foamed plastics, rubber industry, and wind turbine blades.


      Green technology stands as the linchpin in achieving eco-friendly and sustainable development. NHU consistently upholds the belief in enhancing lives through chemistry, engaging with the forefront of global scientific advancements and addressing the critical demands of our nation. Continuously delving deeper into the expanse of science and technology, NHU diligently researches, develops, and manufactures materials imbued with environmentally friendly characteristics, aiming to establish a sustainable "green reserve" for future generations and contribute NHU's prowess towards securing a sustainable future for our planet.


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