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          Let’s explore the mysteries of VB12 together


          Over the years, with the veggie boom in the social media,

          vegetarian diet has been increasingly accepted,

          and more and more people have become vegetarians.


          However, do you know that

          vegetarians are prone to vitamin B12 deficiency,

          which can cause irreversible neurological damage,

          increase the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer's disease,

          and do harm to women's fertility?


           Who am I?



          Without me, you will suffer from:


          Who is most likely to lose me?

          1. Vegan

          As vitamin B12 is commonly found in animal foods, having vegan diet for a long time would cut short the source of B12 for human bodies.

          2. The elderly

          As the digestion-absorption function weakens as people age, the absorption of VB12 of the elderly also declines.

          3. Alcoholics

          Alcohol will accelerate the consumption of VB12 in human body, which can result in the deficiency of VB12.


          Taking hypoglycemic drugs for a long time can hinder human body from absorbing VB12, which is detrimental to the health of the nervous system.


          My skill sets

          1. Preventing anemia

          Vitamin B12 can effectively promote the development and maturation of red blood cells and keep them in a healthy state, thereby preventing pernicious anemia. It can also protect the health of the nervous system of human body.

          2. Increasing the utilization of folic acid

          Vitamin B12 can increase the utilization of folic acid in human body and promote the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

           3. Fostering the growth and development of infants and children

          By activating amino acids, vitamin B12 can effectively promote protein synthesis in human body, fostering the growth and development of infants and children.

          4. Preventing and assisting the treatment of heart disease

          The cysteine content in the blood of patients with heart disease is many times higher than that of normal people. Taking VB12 together with VB11 can effectively help reduce the cysteine content in blood, which can prevent and assist the treatment of heart disease to some extent.

          5. Relieving mouth ulcers

          If mouth ulcer is a recurring problem for you, don’t forget to take VB12 as a supplement in time. With an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, it can help relieve mouth ulcers.

          6. Regulating menstrual disorders

          Proper supplementation of vitamin B12 can stimulate the estrogen secretion in women, maintain the right level or hormone, and help regulating menstrual disorders.


          Where am I from?

          Vitamin B12 can be mainly taken from animal foods, such as meat, animal offal, fish, shellfish, and dairy products. After the digestion-absorption in the stomach, VB12 enters the blood and is reabsorbed in the ileum, and finally, 80% of it is stored in the liver.

          The VB12 content of common foods is shown in the following table.  


          Dietary source of VB12

          Food (100g)

          Content (μg)

          Beef liver


          Pork liver










          Egg yolk


          Duck egg




          Canned sardines


          Steamed sea crab




          My development history in NHU

          Following the idea of product-led growth based on the demand of customers, NHU has been committed to the R&D of human and animal nutrition, enriching the product portfolio with more diversified functions. In 2021, with the dedicated efforts of the R&D team, a new member of the Vitamin B family – VB12 achieved scale production and officially hit the market. It is used in food and beverage, early nutrition, and dietary supplement, offering effective solutions for the nutritional needs of human at different stages of life.

          Leveraging our advantage of the "Bio+" platform, the production process of vitamin B12 is greener, safer and more reliable. We have introduced advanced separation equipment and process technology and established an automated production line to strictly control the content of impurities in the product. The successful R&D of vitamin B12 has underpinned our development in the greater bio fermentation industry, supporting us to grow into a world-renowned vitamin supplier.

          NHU keeps following the changing demand of the market in the health sector. With many years of innovation and research, we now have a rich portfolio of vitamin products, including vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin H (biotin), vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. We will continue to explore the blue ocean of science and provide more nutritional solutions for mankind, building better and healthier life for all. 

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