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      Decent Work

      Employee Care

      NHU values rapport of people and regards employees as the foundation of its development. We establish and implement the employee caring system, including health checkup, employer-sponsored trip, and fund for employees. We care about employees’ work, life, thoughts, and family, bringing them the sense of belonging in the company, so that we can build a more cohesive team.

      Protection of Rights and Interests

      NHU strictly implements relevant laws, regulations, and policies on labor employment, standardizes employment management, treats all employees equally, and establishes harmonious and stable labor relations. We adopt the paid leave system, respect employees’ spare-time life, and secure their work-life balance. We also ensure a welcoming workplace, strive to eliminate any negative impact of the working environment on employees’ health, and prioritize occupational health monitoring, labor protection supplies, and occupational health education and training.

      Fairness and Diversification

      NHU values talents unbiased regardless of where they come from. For non-local employees, we actively seek preferential policies and support their settlement. For foreign talents, we provide comprehensive support for their settlement to relieve them from such worries, so that they can concentrate on work and enjoy life here.

      Female employees add luster to our company. NHU provides equal opportunities of career development for all employees. There is no difference in salary and benefits because of gender. We also have systems for maternity leave and breastfeeding leave that are favorable for female employees.  

      Retired employees are the pioneers and builders of the company. NHU vigorously carries forward the tradition of respecting and caring for the elderly, pays close attention to their physical and mental health, and visits and conveys greetings to them on special holidays.

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