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      Eliminating Hunger

      Reduce Food Loss and Waste

      Our planet needs to feed a population of 9.7 billion in 2050. The demand for animal protein and food continues to rise. This puts great pressure on the environment, food supply and limited natural resources.

      Meanwhile, about 1/3 of the food from animal protein production is being lost or wasted. Animal protein is an important part of healthy and balanced nutrition and is necessary to provide key micronutrients. Therefore, we need to avoid losing or wasting such precious resources.

      With technological innovation, NHU strives to change the way that animals are fed. We  provide scientific solutions for human health and animal farming and improve the quality of animal food, to reduce the loss and waste of the entire value chain. The use of our products such as vitamins, methionine, astaxanthin and cantharidin in animal premix and feed can strengthen animal immunity and meat quality, which helps to provide high quality animal protein.

      Boost Grain Output

      The rapid growth of global population keeps pushing up the demand for cash crop. Our series of isoprenol products can be used as raw materials for pesticide intermediates. The green and efficient pesticides produced by NHU can effectively prevent and control a variety of pests, remove weeds, realize large-scale agricultural production, increase grain output, and contribute to a sustainable food system.

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